25 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas (7)

This is the season for decorating the evergreen with silver bells, elegant ornaments, colorful garlands, and more. It can get overwhelming trying to get the whole house together—from decking the mantel to getting the Christmas lights up outside.

But, we can all agree that the main décor star of the season is the Christmas tree. Trying to tackle the tree is not an easy task. We tackled some of your top trimming challenges to design our favorite and most festive tress for the holidays—all ideas that you can try to recreate in your own home. If you’re living in a small space, we have some ideas that won’t take up too much precious room, but will still look festive.

Or, if you have way too many ornaments, we’ll help you sort through your collection. And, if your house is filled with kids and pets, we have some tips so you can have a tree that’s safe and child- and animal-proof. Whatever your tree decorating dilemma, there’s an easy and practical solution for you.

Follow these simple tricks for overcoming just about any decorating obstacle and your tree will be more than ready for those presents on Christmas morning. Cue Santa…

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