70 Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

44 Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

European kitchen design can range from modern to a more traditional kitchen design style. But a consistent theme in European design tends more toward styles inspired by the midcentury modern design that is originated in the Nordic countries. European-style kitchen is often featuring a mix of dramatic angles and flow curves. It reflected in the furniture, cabinets, accessories and even colors employed.

Even if the style is more modern or contemporary, European kitchens will feature materials such as laminate, ceramics and molded plastics. Accessories and other components is essential feature of European kitchen design. For an update look, cabinet doors can be replaced with frosted glass or a wood or laminate-style veneer. Take a look at these 38 modern European farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas below to inspire your kitchen.

Take a look at the amazing pictures below and you will surely get inspired!

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