85 Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Trends

Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Trends (35)

Of all the rooms in the home, the master bedroom is the showstopper. Plan it well and it will be a pleasure to step into it every evening for many years to come. When you start looking for master bedroom design ideas, always consider what is going to work in the room you have – make a virtue of the size and shape of your space (whether it’s small or large, uniform or quirky).

Design a master bedroom layout that will make a feature of your bed. Place it centrally in your space for maximum impact – up against a chimney breast, between two windows or midway between architectural features, such as beams or the apex of a roof space. Think carefully about the design of your bed before you buy. What will work best in your space?

After more bedroom ideas? Take a look at our wallpaper for bedrooms and guest bedrooms for inspiration.

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